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Vivica/Reesey *Gone Home for the Holidays!* needs a caretaker or foster! Won't you consider helping her get a new start?

About Vivica/Reesey *Gone Home for the Holidays!*

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Black with Brown, Red, Golden, Orange or Chestnut
  • Color: Black with brown
  • Current Size: 85 Pounds
  • Potential Size: 85 Pounds
  • Current Age: 15 Years 7 Months (best estimate)
  • Housetrained: Yes

 Update from Viv/Reesey's New Mom:  Her first night was good - she slept all the way through.  Oddly, she put herself to bed in her crate last night - Jim brought them in around midnight, she grabbed a toy and went into the crate and laid down. 

(We've actually decided to rename her Reesey - Jimmy came up with it last night because her colors remind him of his favorite candy - Reese's Peanut Butter cups - he's been calling her Reesey Cup all day.)
Shortly after midnight he was heading to bed, so he closed the crate door - she stayed sound asleep.  I woke at 7:30 this morning and put them all out - when they came back in her and Havy played for a few minutes - then Havoc showed her how we all go back to bed for a while and watch TV while Dad still sleeps.  She even showed her how to sleep half on Dad so instead of just half of Havy across his chest, he had half Havoc, half Reesey.
She's been getting more and more acclimated as time goes on - she's definitely a toy hoarder - she's been seen carrying 4 or 5 in her mouth over to the one dog bed.  Havoc's made a game out of that one - Reesey puts them on the dog bed - Havoc sneaks them off one by one - it's kinda funny to watch and it keeps both of them engaged in play. Amy
She has quite a story but now it's nothing but love & joy for the rest of her life. She has a Mommy, Daddy, two wonderful 4 legged sisters. 
Everyone at LNF Dog Rescue is doing a major happy dance. We found the perfect home for our dearest Vivica! She is our 406th adoption since we were founded 2-24-04.
Update from new Mom: They are getting along great !
We took Viv to Petsmart after you left and she walked Jim through the whole store taking him on a little adventure.  She stopped off in the toy aisle and picked up a stuffed jack, carrying in it through the store all the way to check out where she finally dropped it so she could get a biscuit from the cashier.  She's also very good in the car.  We have the hammock in the back seat so she laid down and just looked out the window during the ride.
When we came home our neighbor Mike came over to meet her and she played with her new toy.  She also explored the house, found all the scattered toys and piled them in the living room as her collection.
I had her in our game room when the girls came home.  After those 2 were outside to take care of business, I brought all 3 of  them together in the back room.
Havoc looked like she was being reunited with a lost friend.  I made each one sit in a row in front of me while they got a treat, then they played for a little while before we took them out back again so Jim and I could get some yard work done.
Everyone gave each other space to do their business, then they all banded together to announce themselves to a neighbor behind my house out walking her little dog in her yard.  I'm pretty sure they knew the lady was on her cell phone and just wanted to make sure the person she was talking to knew they were there too !
They're all tuckered out and napping now. Looks like Vivica has found home ! Thanks so much for letting us bring her into our family - she's awesome ! Amy
Are you looking for an extremely affectionate, easy going, calm, low maintence, smart dog? Then Vivica is the girl for you! She came to us after her owner had moved and had abandoned her in the house! The neighbors knew that the owner had moved since they saw her leave. The *assumed* she had taken her dog.
Thankfully Vivica has a Guardian Angel who about 2 weeks after the person had moved was walking her dog & was stunned to hear Vivica barking. That bark saved her life or she would have starved to death alone.
The house was a horror inside, full of dog waste & urine, what else could she do, she couldn't get out. The only water that she had was from the toilet (which I have provided a picture of what she had to drink out of!) and no food. We're told she was at least 12 pounds less then when they had last seen her.
Not only was she left to die alone, she also had entropion of both eyes. That means her eyelashes were inverted & were sticking in her eyeballs! This is a very painful medical problem. She was in terrible pain, yet she was so gentle with me when I rescued her. She had surgery and now her eyes are normal with no pain. She also has Lyme disease which we have also treated.
She is back to her normal weight which for her is around 85 pounds. She is a large purebred Rottie girl. I just adore her because she is so beautiful & has such a gentle way about her. She really looks into your eyes and I believe your soul! When she wants my attention she takes that big paw & gently touches my hand. She will make a wonderful loving companion to anyone. She is a gentle soul and just wants to have her very own family to love and for them to love her. That's all any of them want.  She is fine with a 4 foot fence.

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Vivica/Reesey *Gone Home for the Holidays!* Vivica/Reesey *Gone Home for the Holidays!* Vivica/Reesey *Gone Home for the Holidays!* Vivica/Reesey *Gone Home for the Holidays!*