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About Freddy - Adopted!

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Dog
  • Color: red
  • Owner Experience Needed: Breed
Dear friends at Kent County SPCA and Lost-and-Found:

I'm writing to offer my thanks and appreciation for the hard work that you

Several months ago, we adopted Freddy (a 2-year-old dachshund/beagle mix)
from the Kent County SPCA. As you know, this is a fairly common combination
at the Kent shelter. We met our first Kent County shelter dog as part of
Lost-and-Found's monthly open house at Concord Pets in northern Delaware.
We were touched by her sweet personality and adorable face.

We had recently lost a much-beloved adopted Boston Terrier named Cindy, who
came to us as an elderly lady and spent the last three years of her life
with us. We both fell in love with a Lost-and-Found rescuee named Mindy,
who was originally from the Kent shelter.

We discussed the possibility of adopting Mindy, but then we realized that we
had the time and resources to perform the "remedial" aspects of dog rescuing
in our own home. So we decided to adopt a shelter dog directly, and work
with him/her so that they'd receive the same benefits as if he/she had been
a part of Lost-and-Found's program.

One day later, my sister called me to say that she had been at Petsmart in
Dover, and had seen a kennel full of dachshund mixes who all looked exactly
like Mindy (I'd sent her a photo), and that there was one dog in particular
that had a certain "aura" about him.

(We are definitely a family of "woo woo" types, just like granola we're "all
nuts and flakes". I had every reason to trust my sister and nephew's
intuition about this dog.)

I called the Kent SPCA the next morning, and by lunchtime I was at the
shelter and meeting Freddy. Sure enough, we had an immediate bond, and I
knew that we'd found our new doggie.

He was the largest and oldest of the dachshund mixes, and he had a skittish
personality. I knew that he would need a lot of love and teaching, but that
was what we had asked God to send us -- a dog who needed us, and who might
not be successfully adopted by a less-adaptable family.

Freddy slept in the passenger seat, all the way back to Wilmington. And
when he arrived at our home, he moved in as if he'd been here forever.

He had some issues that we expected to encounter: housetraining, learning
basic commands, etc. He was definitely a diamond-in-the-rough; I don't
think that he'd ever lived inside a house with a human family. But we
immediately signed up for remedial adult-dog classes, and after a slow
start, Freddy is now performing at the top of his class. He is now a very
relaxed, happy, and loveable dog who expresses his contentment every day
with cuddling and kisses.

He even gets along well with our cat Anya, whom we fostered three years ago
as a semi-feral young mother with five one-day-old kittens. Anya and Freddy
have formed a strong friendship, and except for occasional hissy-fits, they
are always together and enjoying each other's playfulness and companionship.

Without meeting the folks at Lost-and-Found, we would never have recognized
our attraction to dachshunds, and wouldn't have ever mentioned it to my
sister who lives downstate. And Kent County SPCA gave me such a warm
welcome on our adoption day, that I've continually suggested this shelter to
everyone who meets Freddy. Because everyone who meets him, falls in love
with him immediately. I've probably told about 100 people about him
personally, and also mentioned both organizations in my online catalog (I
make custom jewelry and sell the items via the Net.)

I've learned that this combination of dachshund/beagle is a common breed on
the Delmarva Peninsula. Apparently this lineage of dogs has been bred since
1876 on the Eastern Shore. Maybe that's why so many dogs at Kent County
SPCA are similar in appearance...all redhaired and stubby, with sweet
dachshund faces and sturdy beagle bodies. Freddy really does look like
Mindy from Lost-and-Found. He's a handsome dappled-red doggie, with a
dachshund face and a mostly-beagle body (just an inch or two shorter in the
legs!) My veterinarian says that he will probably not suffer from the
spinal issues that plague purebred dachshunds, and that's a good thing,
because Freddy is a fearless climber and jumper, especially when playing
with the cat!

His personality is absolutely wonderful, and he's won our hearts completely.

We hope that he will be able to continue his training, and eventually
become a visiting dog at our local nursing home. We feel blessed to have
Freddy as a permanent part of our family, and we wish to share the blessing with othrs.

Once again, thank you to both organizations for facilitating our adoption.

We love Freddy, and we are grateful that you gave us the encouragement and
opportunity to adopt him.

Love and blessings!