#20 Benefits of adopting from LnF Dog Rescue 

(1) Each LnF Pup/Dog has an individual profile on their Web Page with photos & videos so you can see who they are & how they react to people & other dogs.
(2) They all live in my foster home as shown in most photos & videos are shown on my sofa & living room. 
(3) As a foster Mom, I always provide an honest assessment of their strengths & where they may still need work. I can refer you to experienced dog trainers & dog walkers 
(4) All dogs have been housebroken. Puppies are paper trained with varying degrees of success …. as shown in this video   https://youtu.be/F0926-ZvF5Q
(5) LnF Dogs are guaranteed to have a sound disposition, they must still love people & they must be dog-friendly. I don’t agree with adopting dogs that are
dog or human aggressive. 
(6) We accept all major credit cards or PayPal for the adoption fee
(7) All LnF pups & dogs have had ongoing basic training & taught leash manners
(8) If you have your own dog(s) the process is to bring your dog(s) here to my home to meet my dog(s) I can access that they will be compatible. If not -- we can try another dog or end the interview
(9) Each LnF Dog is crated trained
(10 Each LnF Dog/Pup is Spayed/Neutered 
(11) All pups/dogs have been Microchipped with HomeAgain
(12) All dogs are tested for Heartworm, Ehrlichiosis & Lyme. If they’ve tested positive it’s posted on their profile & they’ve been aggressively treated. I do not put any dog up for adoption unless my Vet has given them a 100% clean bill of health
(13) Each dog is kept on Heartworm Medication & Flea/Tick year-round while in our care
(14) Up to date with Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo & Leptospirosis vaccines
(15) De-wormed several times to be sure they do not bring parasites home! 
(16) Each dog is tested to see if what type fence they require. Occasionally a dog will require a 6-foot wood or vinyl fence. If that's the case it's clearly noted at the top of their profile. 
(17) They are all professionally groomed as needed and ALWAYS go home perfectly groomed 
(18) Our adoption fee includes (30) days of FREE pet insurance from Petfinder with an option to purchase -- but I recommend you ask your Vet which Pet Insurance Company to go with since they know who treats their clients fairly. 
(19) Based on over 14-years of experience of running the rescue, all LnF pups/dogs have been temperament tested by me personally. 
(20) Over the years I’ve developed a talent for being able to match my dog’s personality with what you are looking for in a new family member. Occasionally people pick the wrong dog for their lifestyle. If that happens I can offer you dogs that will fit in perfectly.