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Thanks for your interest in adopting an LnF rescued dog!   Be sure to read all the adoption requirements which are listed on a link on the left side of our website. If you can meet/exceed them you can apply online at our website, the link to our adoption application is also on the left side.

A minimum 4-foot high fence is always mandatory & must be installed - no exceptions whatsoever & we do not accept any electric fence.   

** If you choose to proceed you will have to fill out the application on a PC b/c we're told it doesn't work correctly on a phone** 
Since our dogs live in foster homes, we do need to have an approved adoption application before coming to meet them. Be sure to read the dog's full profile so you can see if there are any special needs such a certain type of physical fence or height requirement or if they get along with cats or children.   
We can guarantee that our pups/dogs ALL have sweet, gentle disposition & get along with dogs.  We can also guarantee that our pups/dogs are healthy since we quarantine them for 2-3 weeks to be sure they have no undiagnosed illnesses.

We do require if you are planning on adopting a puppy under 6-months old, you must work from home or part-time. We believe that puppies under 6-months old need to be “raised” & not left in a crate all day. We also require that you have experience & have raised a puppy in your adult life. 
Since we live with the pups/dogs 24/7, we know what they are good at and where they still need work. We always give an honest appraisal of their personality & disposition.  We always provide all the information we know to help you make an informed decision in adopting a dog who fits your lifestyle.  
Our adoption policy is we do not adopt puppies or young dogs 1-2 years old to Senior Citizens – rather we would like you to ask you to consider adopting more mature dogs such as 3 years old & up. Everyone wants puppies & young dogs, but the shelters are full of mature dogs who have been abandoned through no fault of their own. If you are truly looking for an easy going, loving companion, we hope you’ll consider truly saving a life & adopting a mature dog as it is life & death for them since they are overlooked & too often euthanized in shelters. 
LnF Dog Rescue celebrated our 15th year 2-24-2019. We're a small foster-based rescue but have a proven track record of running a very effective dog rescue by matching our dogs with the right families for them & for you. To date, we’ve rescued #562 pups & dogs & have sent home over #544!
We do accept PayPal or any major credit cards for our adoption fee.
We adopt in PA, NJ, MD, VA & DE with a 2-hour radius from our location of Delaware 19720. We always do a home visit & take our dog's home personally.
Thank you,
LnF Dog Rescue Adoption Center