Foster to Adopt Program"

When you foster or adopt from a shelter or rescue that creates space for them to save another life. 
Millions of animals are still dying every YEAR for lack of a home of their own or a foster home. 

Together with us we could change those statistics
---- one life at a time.

“Foster to Adopt” means potential adopters can foster one of our rescued dogs to see if it’s a perfect match before adopting. Of course our normal adoption requirements must be met or exceeded.

Since we are a very experienced rescue group, we’ll help you make a good match based on your experience & lifestyle. Sometimes people pick a dog that just isn’t right for them, but we can offer alternative dogs that would fit right perfectly with your family & home.

We’ll allow the family to *foster* for exactly three (3) weeks. Since we all foster, we know you can’t even judge a dog’s true potential until after two (2) weeks. If at the end of the (3) weeks you decide this is the perfect dog for you we’ll arrange to allow you to legally adopt at that time. If you find it wasn’t the match you’d hoped, the dog must be returned to LnF immediately. If you’d like, we’ll consider trying another dog --- but that will be on a case by case basis.

  To see all our available adoptable dogs & read our adoption requirements go to our website - -- if qualified you may apply online.