Be sure to read our adoption requirements to be sure you can meet or exceed our requirements prior to completing our adoption application. We do not ship our dogs. We take our foster dog’s home personally.  Home visit are always mandatory. We only adopt in NJ, PA, MD & DE only with a 2 1/2 hour one way drive from location of New Castle DE 19720.
LnF Dog Rescue Adoption Center minimum adoption requirements are shown below. The long-term well-being & safety of our dogs is our top priority.  Our adoption requirements are strict, but we want nothing but the best for our rescued pups/dogs. Are you that kind of dog lover?
* A minimum 4 foot high fence is always mandatory & we don't accept any type of electric fences - no exceptions *  Our dogs have been tested to see if they will jump or climb out of certain types such as chain-link/split rail.  We check to see what type or height is necessary to keep from escaping.  Some dogs require a higher or certain type of fence & that is noted in their profile.
All LnF pups/dogs have been temperament tested & live in foster homes ~ All pups and dogs have been housebroken & crated trained ~  All pups/dogs have been Microchipped ~ Tested for Heartworm, Ehrlichia & Lyme ~ Each dog is on Heartworm Medication year round while in our care ~ Up to date with three year Rabies ~ Distemper, Parvo & Leptospirosis vaccines  ~ Wormed.
Our adoption fee includes the option to Purchase Premium Pet insurance, top quality coverage averages $29.95 a month. We strive to provide the BEST medical care available so that YOU are assured all our pups/dogs are healthy, up-to-date with all necessary shots, S/N by our rescue.
EFFECTIVE: 10/01/2014 the adoption fee will be of $359 dogs up to 8 years old, over eight years & up $259 with an approved adoption application. 
LnF Dog Rescue is coming up on 11 years of experience, and we noted for providing excellent medical care, temperament tested dogs who love people & get along with dogs. We’re also skilled at making great matches between adopters and our dogs because we know our dogs so well.
Adoption Requirements: 
*A minimum physical 4-foot high fence or is higher is always mandatory and must be installed. We will not consider any applications that do not have an installed fence. We do NOT accept any type of electric or underground fence. There are no exceptions. Your application will be denied if you can meet our standards.
* We will only adopt to families with children eight years and up if the dog has been evaluated by LnF & meets our "Bona-Fide Kid Lover" status, which is indicated on the profile. Not all dogs love or even like small kids. We have made exceptions with children under eight years, but that is on a case by case basis. We will not adopt our dogs to families with children who have not raised a dog in their adult life.
* We only adopt dogs to persons 25 years of age & up who are homeowners
* We cannot adopt to renters or anyone in active duty in military.
* We do require personal experience as an adult of being a dog owner or if applying for a puppy experience of raising a puppy as an adult. Some exceptions can be made if we deem the dog to have an extremely easy disposition. In that situation we would consider adopting to someone who has not been a dog owner as an adult. We will note on the dog's profile if we feel it would be fine with a first-time pet owner.
* It is our opinion that senior’s citizens - anyone over 65 -- should consider adopting senior or more mature dogs. Everyone wants pups & young dogs, but our abandoned mature & senior dogs need families who know they still have lots of love to give & deserve a chance to live out their Golden Years in a loving home.
* We require current Vet references. Childhood pets are not considered actual experience.
*We do not adopt puppies or adult dogs to people who feel it's OK to leave them in a crate for 8/9 hours a day without a potty break.  We will accept if you use a dog walker daily and/or take your puppy to doggie-day care.
* All dogs must be adopted as house pets, not outdoor, hunting or working dogs.
* All dogs MUST be kept on a leash at all times except in a secured fenced in yard or fenced in secure location. This is for the safety of the dog as well as to comply with laws against unrestrained dogs. 
* We can recommend pet-sitting companies that we trust to provide professional care for dogs such as dog walkers or doggie day care while their parents are at work.
 * We have excellent referrals to professional dog trainers who will come into your home, or you can attend their classes. They do provide discounts to those who adopt.
 * LnF Dog Rescue has the right to deny any applications based on their beliefs & experience in dog rescue.