My sincere thanks to our dedicated Volunteers & Donors, we're so grateful for your committment! 

~ Lost and Found Dog Rescue Angel's End-of-Year Donors 2009 ~

This video shows how each of us in rescue tries so hard to save just one dog ...

Don't miss the slideshow below of NEW Center! BlackLabs(2) 

Our dogs would love to have new Kuranda beds to sleep on!


Diamond#1George Reissig & Glenn Mills for financing our transport Van!

Diamond#2Diamond Donors - $5,000 & over

Arlene & Ed Loveland - Honor of our Loni

Monthly Donors   Monthly Recurring Gift Donors

Marion Gallagher 

The Weissman's - Honor of our Brook 

Ellyn Romano - Honor of Iris

Terri Rice - Honor of our Ying

Sandra Lock - Honor of our DeeJay

Glenn Mills - Honor of Tori

The Sussman's - Honor of our Spunker's & Cricket

Diana & Jim Leahy - Honor of our Teddi

Diane M. Olin-White in Honor of our Jane

Jack White

Tim & Jodie A. Batog

Emerald  Emerald Donors - $1,000 & over

Mary Ann Bishop & Discover Credit Card Company

Joseph Oetzel - Honor of Chico & Sweetie

RubyRuby Donors - $700 & under

Pedigree Foundation Grant - $656.53 

Glenn Mills - Honor of Tori

Marion Gallagher

The Weissman Family - Honor of our Brook

Jodie & Tim Murphy

Leonard Oetzel - Honor of all you do for them!

Catherine St Clair - Honor of our Sadie

SapphireSapphire Donors - $300 & over

Mary, Tim & Michael Oetzel - Honor of our Mandy, Coco & Ben 

Joanne Mandziuk - Honor of our Blu

Blaze Cassidy - Honor of our (3) L&F Kids

Cindee Porter - Honor of our Louee

Deb & Eric Sussman - Honor of our Spunkers & Criket

Gail & Kevin Connor - Honor of our Sophie

Yellow Sapphire Yellow Sapphire Donors - $250 & under 

Shana & Geoff Williams  

Cindee Porter - Honor of her boys! 

Ellyn Romano - Honor of Iris

Brenda & Chris Prahl - Honor of our Kermit

Nancy Maynard

Diane & Jack White - Honor of our Jane

Kimberly McCafferty - Honor of Francesa

Pearl Pearl Donors - $100 or under 

The Frederico Family - Honor of our Covey/Casey 

Patricia Mescanti - Honor of our Charleen 

Dena Liston 

The Fisher Family - Honor of our Casey 

Peter Edward Jone from UK 

Meron Mathias - Honor of Winston & Lucy Williams

Brenda & Chris Prahl - Honor of our Kermit 

Eileen & Jim Looloian - Honor of our Romero 

Mary Kay & Steve Dolnack - Honor our Collin

Patricia Dawson - Honor of our Tracey

 Dion Taylor

Karen & Ron Unghire - Honor of our Rhodes

The O'Connell's  - Honor of our Audrey

The Senseny Family - Honor of our Buddy

The Hubsher Family - Honor of our Bon Jovi

Patricia Smith - Honor of our Aries

Cindy Mannis - Honor of our Maggie Beth

Maelat Mathias


Jaquiya Nina Hammiel

Quintina Parker
Ceanethia Edwards-Rogers
Courtney Grant
Maria Cooper
Wura Ogunbunmi
Sasha Desdunes
Howard Edelstein - Honor of our Boo-Boo
Our dogs would love to have new Kuranda beds to sleep on!
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